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Childhood Obesity | Episode 080

Childhood Obesity | Episode 080

October 21, 2021

Childhood obesity has more than tripled in the last 4 decades! In this episode we talk about some staggering statistics and what the long term implications of childhood obesity can lead to. 

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Yoga | Episode 079

Yoga | Episode 079

October 14, 2021

Yoga is over 5,000 years old and is the most common complementary health addition in the US.  There are many health benefits to yoga and with more and more studies coming out, science is able to back up what many are already experiencing.


With so many benefits to yoga, we could talk for hours, but we really don’t have that kinda time, so; today, we are going to talk about some of the top benefits of yoga. 

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Prostate Cancer | Episode 078

Prostate Cancer | Episode 078

October 7, 2021

Prostate cancer is a disease in which cells in the prostate grow out of control. Excluding skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common cancer in American men and the second leading cause of cancer death in American men. Today we go over what a prostate is, screening, signs and symptoms, diagnostic studies, and treatments for prostate cancer.

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Atrial Fibrillation | Episode 077

Atrial Fibrillation | Episode 077

September 30, 2021

Today's episode is on atrial fibrillation! We discuss what a-fib is,  why it's important in medicine and understanding the impact of untreated a-fib. There are several different types of a-fib that we discuss, along with signs/symptoms and treatment options.  


We end the podcast talking about wearable devices (like watches) that can produce EKGs and some studies that being done to find out the efficacy of these devices.

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Roe V. Wade 1973 v 2021 | Episode 076

Roe V. Wade 1973 v 2021 | Episode 076

September 23, 2021

This week we are covering the very controversial topic of abortion and what this new Texas law really states. How does this affect women's rights and is 6 weeks enough time to safely make decision? 

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Mandated COVID-19 VAX | Episode 075

Mandated COVID-19 VAX | Episode 075

September 16, 2021

With COVID on the rise again in the U.S., mandating the COVID vaccine is the top priority of many government officials and business owners. Is this the answer to end this pandemic? Today we discuss what we are seeing and our thoughts on mandating the COVID vaccination.


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Overdose Awareness and Narcan  l  Episode 074

Overdose Awareness and Narcan l Episode 074

August 26, 2021
Opioid pain relievers are responsible for more deaths than deaths from both suicide and motor vehicle crashes, or deaths from cocaine and heroin combined.
In the 1990’s opioids were marketed to healthcare professionals as safe and non-habit forming. How wrong this was, as many doctors and APPs began writing more prescriptions to help their patients with their chronic pain, thinking this was a safe, non addictive drug. This was the beginning of the opioid epidemic in the U.S.
How quickly you can become addicted to opioids is unknown, however some states this can happen in as few as 5 days, but mostly the research is stating a few weeks.
Naloxone is an opioid antagonist. Naloxone can restore a normal breathing pattern to someone who has had an opioid overdose in about 2-3 minutes. Narcan can be given via nasal spray or injection. Most law enforcement, emergency medical professionals, and families of opioid addicts are trained to give narcan. Narcan only lasts about 30-90 minutes before the effects wear off, once narcan is given, you should seek medical attention.
If you or someone you know needs help with an opioid addiction, there are options.
  • You can dial 211 to speak with someone directly.
  • SAMHSA - Substance abuse mental health service administration
  • Has an Opioid Treatment Program Directory where you can search your states and find providers in your area.

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Telemedicine the future of healthcare?  l  Episode 073

Telemedicine the future of healthcare? l Episode 073

August 19, 2021

Although telehealth has existed for years, it had become the number one way to receive non-urgent medical care in 2020. With the pandemic last year, being quarantined and in lock down, many people were unable to receive in person medical care. With this in mind, we discuss the good and the bad. 

There are also apps that allow patients to receive counseling sessions from a mental health provider via call, facetime and/or text. Remembering that telehealth/telemedicine has its limits and should not replace the care of your primary care provider. Your PCP gives hands on care, physical exams and blood work and those are important to your total wellness.


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Challenges facing the LGBTQ+ in healthcare l Episode 072

Challenges facing the LGBTQ+ in healthcare l Episode 072

August 12, 2021

The LBGTQ+ communities have faced an overwhelming bias, along with discrimination and prejudice. Today we discuss a variety of LGBTQ+ topics from terminology you need to know, disparities in healthcare and how this affects LGBTQ+ persons, and way to help.

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The Shame of breastfeeding  l  Episode 071

The Shame of breastfeeding l Episode 071

August 5, 2021

Yes, studies show that breastmilk is best for babies. We, as nurses and mothers, know the guilt we can carry when we do our best by our patients and our children, let alone when we cannot. Could you imagine not physically being able to provide for your child with what the world considers is the best for them?  Why do we as a society feel the need to judge and shame others when not one parent is perfect? There is more than one way to provide nutrition for our babies!  Let’s motivate, encourage and uplift, being a parent is already a hard, lifetime job.

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