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Black Market Organs l Episode 057

April 29, 2021

Organ trafficking requires a plethora of people, from the recruiter who finds the “donors” to the medical professionals who perform the surgery. 

The most common organ trafficking is where a person agrees to sell their organ but they are either not paid at all for the organ or they are paid significantly less than they originally agreed upon. 

There are even situations where traffickers force or deceive persons into giving up their organs, like when someone wakes up packed in ice with one less kidney. Although less common, this still happens to this day. 

The most vulnerable of people are targeted. There are even people who are treated for a condition that they may or may not have, and during that treatment their organ(s) are removed without their knowledge!

List to the full episode to find out more about organ trafficking. You can always visit our website to learn more and for our references. 

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